Vision and Mission


Indonesian Association for Media Development – Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN) is a non-profit organization set up to develop media professionalism and expand information access in Indonesia, and other countries in Asia, by building the capacity of national and local media. PPMN works in almost all regions of Indonesia and in several countries in the Asia Pacific region through programs involving international journalists and media networks.

Established in July 2006,  PPMN works for balanced and equal access to information for all, and information content that is educational and promotes advancement, just and equality and broad public participation in democracy.

A large part of our work is for media capacity building programs to enable them to remain independent and serve the public interest in the context of promoting good and transparent governance. We have organized training courses, workshops, fellowships and content production for journalists and media in our network, which now numbers more than 2,000 journalists and media practitioners and more than 150 media organizations in Indonesia and regions involved in PPMN programs.

In an effort to promote investigative journalism content, PPMN has formed JARING (Indonesia Network for Investigative Journalism – Jaringan Indonesia untuk Jurnalisme Investigatif) in 2015. JARING focuses its activities on providing assistance and support for journalists and media in working on investigative journalism. In addition, JARING also produces data journalism content and investigations through non-profit media pioneer

We also work to promote public participation in monitoring and setting of policies and encourage change in communities. PPMN works directly to develop alternative flows of information in communities, including working with citizen journalists and media that serve local communities from rural grassroots up. The aim is to create open information access and get the voice of every citizen heard. To do this, PPMN is creating dozens of communities of citizen journalists in seven provinces and has tens of partners in its community media network.

In today’s Indonesia, PPMN is directly involved in ensuring inclusive information, in particular offering space to minorities and marginalized groups that continue to be subject to discriminatory treatment and violence. PPMN does a great deal of work with its media and journalist networks and with CSOs and academics involved in advocating the interests of minorities across Indonesia, including forest-dwelling indigenous communities in Jambi, women migrant workers and their children in areas where there are pocket sources of migrant workers, and disabled people and poor people in urban and rural areas.


Professional media and free and balanced information flow as the core of an open, democratic and dignified society.


  1. Building professionalism and independence of journalists
  2. Building media of information and knowledge for the public interest in sustainable way
  3. Improving access to information and the development of inclusive technologies to promote public participation in the democratic process
  4. Building collaborative media networks and civil society in Asia to promote public policy’s transparency and accountability.


  1. Justice
  2. Truth
  3. Independence.


  1. Committed
  2. Resourcefulness
  3. Empowering
  4. Appreciative
  5. Inclusive
  6. Democratic
  7. Transparent and Accountable
  8. Professional
  9. Creative Partnership.

Strategic Issues

  1. Competent, critical, independent and inclusive journalists and media
  2. Dissemination and access to quality information
  3. Citizen journalism as a form of public participation
  4. Investigative journalism based on public interest
  5. Network collaboration and development.
  6. Transparent, accountable, independent and sustainable organizations.