Sejarah PPMN


History of PPMN


PPMN was founded in Central Jakarta pursuant to deed drawn up by Notary Public Saal Bumela No. 16 dated July 18, 2006 in the form of an association. The six founders of the Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara were Mr. Santoso, Mr. Wandy Nicodemus Tuturoong, Mr. Heru Hendratmoko, Mr. Teddy Wibisana, Mr. MH Sinaga and Ms. Eni Mulia.

2007 – 2009

PPMN is duly registered as a legal entity ratified by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Directorate of General Law by deed dated April 20, 2007.

The initial program of PPMN was filled with activities to provide emergency assistance to the media in the disaster areas, including tsunami in Aceh and Nias and the West Sumatra earthquake. The expansion of access to information was also carried out by PPMN by developing community radio stations in areas lack of access to information, such as in Yahukimo and Paniai (Papua), Central Sumba (NTT), and several districts in Aceh. In addition, PPMN started running media capacity building programs with various workshops, fellowships, in house training, internships, and seminars for journalists and media practitioners in the fields of engineering and marketing and management. Meanwhile, PPMN started produce content by working with various independent media, such as talk shows, features, bulletins, and others. These include organizing the Asia Calling program jointly with KBR with hundreds of radio networks in Indonesia and Southeast and South Asia regions. Managing the field of network development and the quality of programs and fund raising, PPMN started managing regional programs.

2010 – 2014

PPMN develops and grows at regional level not only by managing content production program, but also building the capacity for media and journalists in the region. Establishing and developing the Asia Calling Network which is a regional independent media network, PPMN works together with its partners to carry out various activities in sharing experiences and expertise, both in the field of journalism and media business, to support independent and professional media in the region.

In line with the technological advancement and popularity of social media, PPMN started pioneering the activities to assist and develop citizen journalism.


PPMN formed JARING, Jaringan Indonesia untuk Jurnalisme Investigasi (Indonesia Network for Investigative Journalism), to promote investigative journalism works that serve the public interests in the context of promoting  transparency and good governance. JARING is registered as a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network and participates in various activities of the organization at regional and international level. JARING also produces data journalism content in addition to investigating and pioneering a form of nonprofit media in Indonesia.

PPMN launched Citradaya Nita, a fellowship program for female journalists seeking to develop their journalistic skills and their leadership in encouraging community to make changes. This program is organized annually since then.


PPMN is one of the initiators of IndonesiaLeaks, the first and the only whistleblower platform for investigative journalism in Indonesia. This collaborative work platform is supported by 10 media and 5 CSOs.

PPMN started to introduce and develop Solutions Journalism techniques in Indonesia by organizing trainings, fellowships and collaboration with various media organizations.


PPMN worked on a regional media support program, in collaboration with Perludem, specifically for the election theme. The program entitled “Asia-Pacific Regional Support for Elections and Political Transitions” was aimed at improving the quality of elections with integrity and justice in the region.